Downer Camp: “Landry misleads voters about cocaine incident “

September 6, 2010

SOUTH LOUISIANA – In a recent article in the Daily Comet, Jeff Landry reversed an earlier position regarding his past involvement with an incident involving cocaine and a violation of the public’s trust. When asked by a reporter about a ‘permission to search’ signed by him that resulted in the police finding over 100 grams of cocaine under his house, Landry distorted the truth and attempted to dismiss the cocaine connection. In the article, Landry stated that “a bunch of guys were living in a rent house” and that any one of them could have answered the door when the Sheriff’s department, which Landry was working for at the time, came to search the house. However, in his first mailer (attached) of the campaign Landry tried to mislead the voters with an entirely different version of the cocaine incident. In the mailer, he stated “working as a Sheriff’s Deputy.Jeff signed the order allowing a roommate to be searched and arrested for drugs…a tough decision.” In the mailer version of the story, Jeff paints himself as participating in the investigation, but in the recent article, his story is that it was a simple coincidence and he had no control over it.

“In his campaign materials, Jeff tried to fool the voters that this incident was a tough decision to turn his roommate in, but after a reporter asked about it, he now says he just happened to answer the door that day. The facts are simple: there was an investigation, cocaine was under his house, he only cooperated with law enforcement when they knocked on his door, and then he ‘voluntarily resigned’ from the Sheriff’s office. If the situation was so innocent, why the spin? Jeff’s own inconsistent statements raise serious questions about his involvement in this incident. The issue now is Jeff’s ever changing story and his repeated attempts to mislead the voters,” said Buddy Boe.

These inconsistent statements come on the heels of Landry touting endorsements from Republican Parish Executive Committees that didn’t exist or had one member at the time of the endorsement. However, Landry has a history of making things up to prove his case, such as the time when he forged letterhead to a bank to justify taking over $30,000 from a small business and his consistent portrayal of himself as a veteran of Desert Storm to inflate his military service without telling the voters he never served overseas and was only an officer’s driver in Fort Hood, TX.

Daily Comet Article

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