LAGOP: “Fired Up!”

August 31, 2010

If voters take away just one thing from the results of Saturday’s primary elections, it’s that conservative Republicans are voting much more intensely than any other group and that’s bad news for Charlie Melancon. Despite Melancon’s 3 to 1 advantage in eligible voters, Senator David Vitter still received more votes than he did in the primary election. The Times-Picayune summed things up correctly this morning:

“The dismal voter turnout in Saturday’s congressional primaries might be especially bad news for Democratic U.S. Rep. Charlie Melancon, who won fewer votes than incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter even though nearly three times as many voters were eligible to cast ballots in the Democratic primary as in the GOP contest…

[P]olitical watchers said Vitter’s larger margin of victory, and the fact that Republican voters turned out to vote in a higher percentage than Democrats, suggests the national ‘enthusiasm gap’ separating the parties this election year has become a factor in Louisiana.”

Even Public Policy Polling (PPP), a known Democrat firm that has consistently polled the Senate race as closer than other polls have suggested, indicated that Senate Vitter’s job approval is on the rise. The Senator’s approval has jumped from 45% back in June to its current 53% while Charlie’s Melancon’s disapproval has grown from 34% in June to 48% in August.

Headed toward the election this November, Melancon’s campaign is in deep trouble. Republicans fired up to elect a Senator who will stand up to Obama’s big-government agenda, and the more voters learn about Charlie Melancon’s record – the less they like him.

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