Tea Party of Louisiana Endorses Jeff Landry for Congress

August 31, 2010

LOUISIANA’S 3RD DISTRICT – Last night in their Board Meeting, the Tea Party of Louisiana officially endorsed Jeff Landry for Congress in Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District.

Landry won a nearly 14-point margin of victory in Louisiana Primary Election balloting on Saturday night. He came within less than 1% of securing the party nomination outright and avoiding a Louisiana runoff by receiving more than 49% of the vote. Landry’s closest competitor, Hunt Downer, received only 36% of the vote. Kristian Magar, who received more than 14% on Saturday was touted as a Tea Party candidate. Now with the Tea Party’s official endorsement, they are throwing their support to Jeff Landry.

Tea Party of Louisiana spokesman Bob Reid stated, “Jeff has earned our endorsement and support with a real grassroots ‘we the people’ type campaign and his proven record of standing behind conservative principles,” Bob Reid, spokesman for TPoL, stated. “We feel that he speaks for us on many issues like fighting to repeal ‘Obamacare’, reducing the size of government, fighting deficits & wasteful spending, ending bailouts & stimulus plans, opposing ‘Cap & Trade’ type legislation & taxes, getting the government off the backs of small business, and out of the lives of everyday citizens,” said Bob Reid, “and therefore it’s time for us to speak up for him in our joint efforts to help bring about a Government governed by the people instead of this current ruling class government led by the President, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.”

“One vote in Congress could make the critical difference and the Tea Party of Louisiana wants that vote to be in the hands of Jeff Landry for the 3rd Congressional District,” the Tea Party stated in their release.

“I am looking for the votes and support of every person in South Louisiana who feels that this country is heading in the wrong direction,” said Jeff Landry, “As the next Member of Congress representing South Louisiana I will put the people first, not politics.”

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