Tea Party of LA Calls on Downer To Exit Congressional Race

August 29, 2010

Promises “Down with Downer” Campaign Will Intensify

(Baton Rouge) The Tea Party of Louisiana, which organized the “Down with Downer” campaign, tonight called on Hunt Downer to withdraw from the congressional “Second Primary” after opponent Jeff Landry came within 200 votes of winning the race outright.

“Tonight, the liberty-minded citizens of Congressional District 3 sent Hunt Downer and RINOs everywhere a message,” Spokesman Chris Comeaux said. “Mr. Downer should do what’s in the best interest of the liberty movement and withdraw from this race. It’s not going to get any easier for him,” Comeaux said.

RINO is a term commonly used by Tea Party activists meaning “Republican In Name Only.” Comeaux said that Downer cannot win the election and should not force Mr. Landry to spend hundreds of thousands of unnecessary dollars that could otherwise be used to fight his liberal, well-financed opponent in November.

Downer, who led the Third District race by hefty margins, saw his numbers crumble after Tea Party members from across Louisiana exposed his tax-and-spend record in recent weeks. He even skipped a Tea Party-sponsored debate in Gonzales two weeks ago, claiming it conflicted with his attendance at a fundraiser.

“The ‘I think I need to be at a fundraiser’ excuse was pretty lame,” Comeaux said. “But I could understand why someone with his record wouldn’t want to answer questions from citizens who understand the Constitution and limited government,” he said.

Landry received approximately 49.9% of the vote in complete but unofficial returns this evening. Downer scored only 36%, with nearly two-thirds of district Republicans opposing him.

“The message from Third District Republicans about Hunt Downer this evening is crystal clear: It is time for him to go,” Comeaux said.

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2 Responses to Tea Party of LA Calls on Downer To Exit Congressional Race

  1. ETEE
    August 29, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Being a marginal Republican, a Tea Partier and a Magar voter, I deeply regret his inability to make the runoff. He was far and away the best candidate running. That said, and although I am no fan of Landry, I am the sworn enemy of RINO's and Downer is the classic example of manipulation of the electorate. Downer doesn't represent the people. He represents his own self-interests and changes party afiliation as necessary to pursue them. Therefore, in the runoff, Landry will have my vote.

  2. leVieux
    August 30, 2010 at 5:51 am

    Jeff Landry is sincere.

    We need more folks like him in D.C.

    Hope he stays sincere after he gets there.

    Hope he doesn't do a "Jos Cao" on his supporters.


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