Vitter, Melancon Win

August 28, 2010

Run off election in 3rd Congressional

Senator Vitter cruised to an easy victory over Republican challenger Chet Traylor. With 98% of the votes in Vitter reaped 88% of the vote compared to Traylor’s 7%. Senator Vitter was able to put away a prostitution scandal as voters appeared to be unmoved by recent attacks by Congressman Charlie Melancon and Chet Traylor.

Speaking at his election party in Metairie, La, U.S. Senator David Vitter said, “Our race is one of the clearest choices in the country. On November 2, Louisiana voters will get to choose between the current Obama policies of endless bailouts, failed stimulus, massive debt, and government-dominated health care, represented by Charlie Melancon, or the common sense conservative alternatives I’ve been advocating. I’m extremely grateful for the outpouring of support of Louisianians who have joined our fight against the big-government, big-spending avalanche in Washington D.C. Lousianians are fed up, and tonight the message is clear – we’re taking our country back,” said Vitter.

Melancon easily put away his primary opponents as well, pulling in 70% of the vote compared to runner up Neeson Chauvin, Jr. at 18%. Though Senator Vitter pulled in more votes than Charlie Melancon, more Democrat voted in their primary (105,248), than did Republicans (96,569). The same turn out could cost Senator Vitter his job, and clearly the election will rest on Independents.

Run Off In 3rd

Jeff Landry lacked a mere 82 votes to represent the Republican Party against Democrat nominee Ravi Sangisetti. With 49.6% of the vote, Landry will face Hunt Downer who brought home 36% of the vote. Tea Party favorite Kristian Magar mustered a mere 14% of the vote.

Other Congressional

Cedric Richmond won the Democrat nomination with 62% to face off against sitting congressman Joe Cao in the 2nd congressional. David Melville defeated Steven Gavi with 81% in the 4th, while Congressman Rodney Alexander sneezed off primary challenger Todd Slavant.

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