Magar Meets With NSU Students

August 27, 2010

NEW IBERIA, LA—Kristian Magar, Ph.D., the Constitutional conservative candidate for Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District, met with the College Republicans from Nicholls State University on Friday night.
Speaking to a small group of the club’s faithful around a table at a fast-food restaurant adjacent to campus, Magar discussed political issues such as fundraising and volunteerism. “In the last couple of weeks and months,” Magar told the group, “our support network has been growing.” Magar admitted however that “where we are, we have a lot of work to do.”

Speaking about the election, which is being held on August 28 and is open to only GOP voters, Michelle Monier, a Political Science Senior at Nicholls and President of the College Republicans said, “It’s going to be real close; I’ve seen a lot of hard-core support.”

The round-table discussion turned to education and when Magar asked the group what was important to them, they overwhelmingly agreed on the repeal of the health care overhaul and admonished the policies of the Obama administration.

“We need new blood in Congress,” Monier opined when asked what she thought could be done about the current political environment. “[We need] people who will check the president. Same ol’, same ol’ politics is not good enough anymore.”

Graphic Design Junior, Kayla Griffin agreed and added that Congress needs representatives who “actually listen to the constituency.”

And listening is exactly what Magar does. He has spent every opportunity since beginning his bid for Congress last October meeting with groups, large and small, across the district to hear what they have to say.

As it always does when Magar is in the room, the conversation turned to the Constitution. Magar gave several policy issues—no child left behind, health care reform, and “corporate welfare”—and discussed the
constitutionality of each. “We can’t pick and choose when we are going to follow [the Constitution]” Magar told the group.

“It’s nice to hear about the issues,” said Griffin.

Dietetics Junior, Lacie Toups chimed in. “And I like where he stands; not a [typical] politician.”

There is no doubt that Magar is an issues-based candidate. He is the only candidate in the race for the third congressional district who has published a solid plan and a quick look at his website will reveal a very in-depth commentary on his issue positions.

Monier agrees. “What makes Kristian a terrific candidate is the amount of academic research [he puts in].”

Magar left the group with some words of wisdom. He told them that if they had any inclination to run for public office, “keep your nose clean.” He told them, “find your voice; be courageous and step up.”

The group was left with more than words of wisdom from the candidate for Congress and adjunct professor of engineering. He left an impression that can only be expressed in the words of one of their own. Amanda St. Pierre, a Graphic Design Junior, said, “I’ll definitely tell [people] about Kristian!”

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