Jeff Landry Picks Up Two More Major Republican Endorsements: Landry becoming the Republican backed candidate for Congress

August 25, 2010

SOUTH LOUISIANA – With new announcements today, Jeff Landry is moving into position as the Republican endorsed candidate for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District of Louisiana going into Saturday’s Republican primary.

Today Louisiana’s Republican National Committeewoman officially threw her support behind Landry. In her statement Ruth Ulrich said:

“After studying the election closely and carefully considering the words and actions of the Republican candidates for Congress, I am officially endorsing Jeff Landry for Congress. It is clear that Jeff Landry is the Republican choice for Congress based on the overwhelming support of the Republican Parish Committees and State Committee members who have endorsed him. I believe that Jeff Landry is the best candidate in this race to bring about the conservative ideals for which the party of Reagan stands. We are at a very dangerous time as a nation. As conservatives, we need new leaders and not those like Hunt Downer who have throughout their time in government, and through their voting records, proven themselves to oppose the ideals of smaller government, lower taxes, and the promotion of freedom and liberty for individuals and business,” Ulrich added in her endorsement.

Additionally today the St. Mary Parish Republican Committee is endorsing Landry. They issued the following statement:

The St. Mary Parish Republican Committee endorses Jeff Landry for Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District. “As the only life-long conservative Republican in this race, the St. Mary RPEC is honored to endorse Jeff Landry for Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District,” said Herbert Estay Jr, member of the St. Mary Repblican Parish Executive Committee. “Landry is the true conservative in this race. His commitment to life and traditional family values represents the values of South Louisiana. He has the experience necessary, through owning a small business and creating jobs, to fight against Obama and the liberal Congress, and return our nation back to free market principles that have built this great nation.”

“We must elect strong conservatives who truly want to serve the people; that candidate is Jeff Landry,” said Estay, “In a time when our nation faces such a critical juncture in history, we can no longer elect career politicians that work to serve their own self-interests, instead of the interests of the people they represent. That is why we have decided to endorse Jeff Landry.”

These endorsements follow two more that were released independently by the Parish Republican Committees for St. John Parish and St. Charles Parish.

The St. Charles Parish Republican Committee endorsed Jeff Landry for Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District saying: “Jeff Landry is the true conservative and only life-long Republican in this race. We are proud to endorse his candidacy,” said Garrett Monti, Chairman of the St. Charles RPEC.

St. John Parish’s Republican Chairman David Milllet in releasing their Parish Republican Committee’s endorsement stated, “Landry is the only life-long conservative Republican in the this race.”

Landry has also now received the overwhelming majority of the endorsements from Louisiana Republican State Committee Members within the 3rd Congressional District. (To confirm these endorsements, please contact the Louisiana Republican Party office in Baton Rouge.)

Landry has also been endorsed by the Lafourche, Iberia, St. Martin, and Ascension Republican Committees.

“I am happy to have the endorsements of these Republicans who have fought so hard to bring conservative leadership to Washington. They know I can be trusted to fight for our conservatives values, our jobs, to end the government takeover of health care, seal our borders and stop wasteful spending,” said Landry.

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