Downer responds to Landry’s attack on family

August 24, 2010

SOUTH LOUISIANA – Retired Major General Hunt Downer issued a strong personal statement in an email to his supporters this morning. The letter came on the heels of a recent attack by Jeff Landry on Downer’s stance on pro-life issues. Downer’s campaign also released a commercial featuring Downer’s adopted daughter issuing a strong response to Landry’s lies. In the statement, Downer said:

“My opponent, Jeff Landry, has been attacking me for weeks. Recently, Mr. Landry attacked my family. On many occasions, Mr. Landry has tried to label me as a pro-abortion candidate who has supported pro-abortion issues and campaigns. This is completely opposite to reality. I am pro-life…always have been and always will be. Being pro-life isn’t a about politics for me. This attack is personal because Linda and I have an adopted daughter.

This week my daughter, Mary, voiced her anger at Mr. Landry’s lies. We will be running a TV commercial and radio spot over the next week to make sure everyone knows the truth about our life.

I feel strongly about the issue of life and have always been a strong advocate for protecting the life of the unborn. As a State Representative, I was a co-author of Anti-Abortion legislation.

If Mr. Landry will lie about life, he’ll lie about anything.”

Downer adopted his daughter at birth and Downer’s wife, Linda, became pregnant during the adoption process. Believing in life and family, the Downer’s proceeded with the adoption and now have two children, Blair and Mary.

“If Mr. Landry will lie about life, he’ll lie about anything to get elected. It shouldn’t surprise anyone though because Jeff used this same baseless attack in his last unsuccessful campaign which was called the ‘dirtiest in history’ in his hometown newspaper. Since Mr. Landry is a career candidate, I would have hoped he would have known better than to attack his opponent’s family,” said Downer’s campaign manager Buddy Boe.

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