The Landry Lawsuit: “Fraudulent Acts” and illegal “Conversion of Funds”

August 17, 2010

SOUTH LOUISIANA – Major General Hunt Downer launched a television ad this week calling attention to a lawsuit in which his opponent, Jeff Landry, was successfully sued for “fraudulent acts” and the illegal “conversion of funds”. The Downer campaign released the ad to ensure that the voters of South Louisiana were provided with this information as they consider the candidates for the Third Congressional District, noting that while Landry has been attacking the other candidates in the race and misleading voters, his only record has been in the courthouse. In the suit, the plaintiff company successfully obtained a judgment on these grounds against Landry for over $30,000. Landry did not appeal the lawsuit. Consequently, a court ordered the Sheriff of St. Martin Parish to seize Landry’s property to pay back the funds with interest, as well as the plaintiffs’ attorney fees.

Downer campaign spokesman Buddy Boe said, “Because Jeff Landry has been deceiving the voters since day one, it is important that voters know the real Jeff Landry ? someone who has been successfully sued for fraudulent acts and the illegal conversation of funds. After four hurricanes in five years, an oil spill, and President Obama’s moratorium, the people of South Louisiana are demanding leadership, not someone with a checkered past who is known for dirty politics like Jeff Landry.”

The suit was filed in 26th Judicial District Court in Bossier Parish, Louisiana on July 1, 2004 (suit number 114782-B) by Jones Brothers Company against Jeff Landry, his business partner, and Landry’s company, UST Services Group. The suit alleged that Landry attempted in April 2004 to “fraudulently represent himself as an owner of Jones Brothers Company”, including creating fake “homemade letterhead”, to “seize an advance deposit” in the amount of $30,734 that the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana accidentally mailed to the wrong address.

Landry, a law student at the time, was personally served with the suit, and after he lost, he didn’t appeal it. As a result, the 16th Judicial District Court in St. Martin Parish, noting that the judgment was final, ordered the Sheriff of St. Martin Parish in November 2004 to seize Landry’s property to pay back the funds with interest and pay for the plaintiffs’ attorney fees (suit number 68654-F).

Boe said, “Jeff Landry represents exactly what is wrong with Washington, and voters should consider his only record, which is in the courthouse, as they evaluate anything that he says.”

The commercial and court documents from the lawsuits referenced above are attached.

In a rush to deceive the voters yet again, Mr. Landry distributed a document supposedly illustrating that the lawsuits in question were dismissed. However, the document released by Mr. Landry was in regard to a different lawsuit in a different court (15th Judicial District Court in Lafayette Parish). That court’s ruling was only directed to the case in 15th Judicial District Court and could not and did not dismiss suits in other courts. “Since Mr. Landry touts his law school experience, I would hope he would know better than to try to fool the voters in this way,” said Boe.

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  1. Mary
    August 18, 2010 at 7:38 am

    Unbelieveable!! Does Jeff think that the voters are that stupid?? Reading the caption tells the truth. Why won't he tell the truth about the lawsuit filed against him???? He is a lawyer – he knows the truth and is lying yet again!!!

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