Downer nearly quadruples Landry in latest fundraising round

August 17, 2010

SOUTH LOUISIANA – In a sign of surging momentum and after clearly winning the first major televised debate of the election, Hunt Downer, retired Major General and former Speaker of the Louisiana House, reported yet another blistering round of fundraising with over $156,000 in contributions in the last 7 weeks, including the “48 hour notices”. This pace of $156,000 in just 48 days far exceeds the total reported by the Landry campaign in the same period. Jeff Landry reported raising roughly $44,000 in the same period. Downer raised over $3,250 per day compared with Landry’s daily take of $916.

Hunt Downer remains the only candidate in this race who has not loaned himself money to finance his campaign. Landry bailed out his campaign with over $50,000 in personal funds. This illustrates the broad support Downer has among the citizens of South Louisiana and their support of his conservative message.

“The support is tremendous and our message is winning. We will change Washington and bring America back to its founding principles,” said Downer.

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