Melancon Camp: “Keep it going!”

August 17, 2010

Last week, our campaign released two new television ads that are running across the state: one introducing Charlie to Louisiana voters, and another holding David Vitter accountable for his actions against women’s interests.

Judging from Vitter’s response, we clearly touched a nerve: he’s ramped up his flailing attacks into overdrive, so we know he must be worried about the local and national media coverage we’re generating.

But we need your help to keep our ads on the air — will you step up and help us hold Vitter accountable?

Help us continue running our ads — contribute to our campaign today:

It doesn’t take a lot to help us keep our ads on the air. In fact, a contribution of $10 will help us run our ad another time on The Price is Right in Alexandria.

A $30 contribution will help us run it on Judge Judy in Lake Charles.

A contribution of $75 will allow us to run an ad on the Today Show in Shreveport. And if you contribute $110, we’ll be able to run another ad on the Late Show with David Letterman in Lafayette.

Help us ramp up the pressure on David Vitter — contribute to our campaign right now so we can keep running our ads:

We know that Vitter is going to do everything he can to keep this race focused on trivial distractions, so it’s up to us to steer the conversation back to relevant issues — like working with anyone to stand up for Louisiana and supporting equal pay for equal work.

With your support, we’ll be able to keep getting our message out and make sure Louisiana voters hear the truth, instead of just Vitter’s side of the story.

Thanks for your support,

Bradley Beychok
Campaign Manager
Charlie Melancon for Senate

P.S. The thing Vitter fears more than anything else is having to actually defend his own record. Help us keep up the pressure by contributing today to help us run our ads:

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One Response to Melancon Camp: “Keep it going!”

  1. Esais
    August 23, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Why give money to a corrupt system. Nobody knows who will be our next Senator until the powers to be decide.In my opinion the republicans are going to be placed back in power , so as to create a lame duck session for the remainder of the Obama democratic era. So when the chaos ensues , people won't be able to decide who to blame republicans or democrats.This false paradigm is in reality nothing more than two sides of the same coin ,there are no liberal or conservative values. These people are given a script to follow and stage attacks against each other to give the perception of partisan checks and balances , but if something threatens their control system they will work together to keep their corrupt system in place.

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