LaFourche Republican Parish Executive Committee Endorses Jeff Landry For Louisiana’s Thrid Congressional Seat

August 9, 2010

After a meticulous process and careful deliberation, the Lafourche Republican Parish Executive Committee (LRPEC) has voted to endorse Jeff Landry in the August 28th First Primary Election for Louisiana’s Third Congressional Seat in the United States Congress.

It is not often that voters are given the choice of three good Republican candidates in one important election, but this is the case in the Republican Primary for Louisiana’s Third Congressional District. Jeff Landry, Hunt Downer, and Kristian Magar are all Republican candidates that LRPEC feels could represent our district effectively in the U.S. Congress. However, the committee felt that Jeff Landry, a lifelong Conservative Republican, has the qualifications, vision, energy, strong voice, and experience that will best serve the Third Congressional District and our nation in Washington, D.C.

A lengthy process was used to make this important decision, which involved an in-depth candidate questionnaire, personal interviews between PEC members and the candidates, and careful debate and deliberation within the committee. All three candidates expressed appreciation for the open and fair process undertaken by LRPEC, and it was suggested that it could be used as a model for other Parish Executive Committees to follow.

In considering a possible endorsement, issues were grouped into three main categories; the candidate, the country, and the congressional district. Challenging questions were asked relating to personal beliefs and the candidates’ stand on important issues. Candidates’ personal, political, and business experiences were considered, as were their opinions and knowledge of the subjects.

The LRPEC members agree with countless Americans that our nation and the Third Congressional District are in a very critical time that may affect the lives and livelihood of all of the citizens for decades. The November 2nd General Election has the potential of becoming one of the most important elections in our nation’s history. Pivotal decisions will be made by the next Congress that may change the course of our history. As a graduate of Loyola Law School, Landry has a strong belief in the Constitution and the Rule of Law. He served in the Louisiana National Guard for 11 years and left the military with a rank of Sergeant.
Louisiana’s Third Congressional District is a diverse blend of cultures, industry, and land. The region provides vital resources of oil and gas and a major portion of fresh seafood consumed to the rest of the nation. It cuts through the heart of the Louisiana sugar growing region. Yet, once again the region has been challenged by a disaster that is affecting the livelihood and economic survival of tens of thousands of residents.

Landry has created two oil support businesses and understands the pressures that are increasingly being applied to small businesses as well as the vital role that “oil and gas” plays in our local and state economy.

The 39 year old Landry grew up in St. Martinville, lives in New Iberia and worked in the cane fields from the time he was a teenager. He says that he knows the hard work of the farmers and understands the challenges that they face.

Jeff Landry was the first candidate to pledge to the voters of the Third District at public forums and other events that, as our next Congressman, he will not accept congressional healthcare or congressional retirement. He has also stated that he is not interested in becoming a career politician.

The Louisiana State Legislature and Governor will make redistricting decisions that may affect the Third District in the upcoming year. The LRPEC and Landry believe that it is critical that Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes be united as one voice within the same district whether it is to fight for flood protection, coastal restoration, or recovery from the recent Deepwater Horizon disaster. Landry understands the importance of these issues and is committed to fighting for our parishes.

If elected, Landry would be a part of a new wave of conservative Republicans that will be sent to Washington, D.C. from all over the nation. He has committed to serving with a strong, clear voice (with a Cajun accent), fighting to turn the tide on the economic downslide, fighting to repeal “Obamacare”, reduce the size of government, get the government off the backs of small business, and out of the lives of everyday citizens.

The members of LRPEC believe that Jeff Landry is a Republican with the knowledge, experience and conservative core beliefs that match the Core Values and Platform statements developed by the committee. We also believe that after the primary elections, all conservative voters must unite behind the conservative Republican candidate that emerges victor for the General Election on November 2nd.

LRPEC Chairman, Al Carter stated, “When asked if Landry were not the victor in the upcoming primary on
August 28 or in the run-off on October 2, would he wholeheartedly endorse and support the other conservative candidate that would be in the November 2nd runoff?” Jeff answered with a strong affirmative statement. LRPEC believes that this statement of commitment and intent by Mr. Landry shows that he is willing to do whatever it takes to assure a Conservative Republican victory in November.”

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2 Responses to LaFourche Republican Parish Executive Committee Endorses Jeff Landry For Louisiana’s Thrid Congressional Seat

  1. Jackie Segura
    August 18, 2010 at 11:09 am

    What were the dates of Jeff's service in the LANG? And was he awarded the Southwest Asia campaign medal?

  2. Allen Webb
    August 18, 2010 at 11:36 am

    My money and my vote will not go to Mr. Jeff Landry; most likely to Mr. Downer and/or
    Mr. Kristian Magar. Any individual that refuses to recognize the power, the destruction of the Federal Reserve that borrows at high rates of interest is not a Patriot, Christian, nor cognizant of the fact that the Federal Reserve has done nothing but print, control our money that was supposed to had been overseen by the Congress; what are we to do as a people. Mr. Landry, are you compromising the economic and political security of the United States, as countless others are doing, as well as many others in the past history of the United States?

    You do not deserve comfort or safety.

    My thoughts and prayers will be upon you and your family.

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