August 5, 2010

(Baton Rouge) – Part of being a United States Senator is voting on Supreme Court Nominees. If Charlie Melancon wants to be in the Senate, he needs to quit ducking questions and take a position on the nomination of Elena Kagan.

The U.S. Senate will be voting on Kagan’s nomination today, but Melancon has not taken a position yet. Where does he stand? How would he vote? Will he give his standard ‘I’m for it, but against it, no-position’ answer?

“Melancon always say’s things like, ‘I’m voting no, but it’s good’ or ‘I’m voting yes, but it’s bad,’” said Republican Party of Louisiana Deputy Chairman Charlie Davis “Melancon may be able to get free passes like that with Nancy Pelosi and her large liberal majority in the House, but if he wants a vote in the Senate then he needs to take a stand on the nomination of Elena Kagan.”

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