Landry Pledge Refusing Congressional Healthcare and Retirement is Copied by Sangisetty

August 5, 2010

NEW IBERIA – Today, liberal Democrat candidate Ravi Sangisetty joined Jeff Landry in his pledge not to accept Congressional healthcare or retirement.

“For months I have said in public forums and gatherings that as Louisiana’s next Congressman from the 3rd Congressional District that I would not accept Congressional healthcare or retirement. In addition I have said we need people who truly want to serve the public and not rely upon the taxpayers as their source of income,” said Landry, “I am glad that Mr. Sangisetty is paroting my pledge.”

Jeff Landry has repeatedly pointed to the need to end the wasteful spending and liberal values of Obama and Pelosi as a key reason for decision to run for Congress.

In meet and greets and in public forums, such as Landry’s recent large forum in New Iberia, he has said he would not accept Congressional healthcare or retirement.

Mr. Sangisetty may now be on this bandwagon, however his choice of party affiliation and alliance with his Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, proves he supports the Washington Democrat’s liberal agenda of increased taxes, the government takeovers of private industry and dramatically liberal values.

“Mr. Sangisetty’s and Mr. Hunt Downer’s choice to work on behalf of the liberal Democratic party is an indication of their core beliefs,” said Landry, “I believe we need real, conservative solutions to change our country.”

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