TEA Party Support for Kristian Magar

August 5, 2010

HOUMA, LA–The founder of a local TEA party encouraged Republican voters to cast their vote for Kristian Magar, Ph.D., the Constitutional Conservative candidate for Congress, in the upcoming Republican primary.
Calling Magar “the choice for” the People of the 3rd Congressional district, Brandon Mooring, the founder of the Louisiana Bayou Towns TEA Party in Houma, said that Magar’s platform was the most in-line with his. While giving Magar his personal endorsement Mooring said that a vote for Magar would be “doing what it takes to make (our country) prosperous again.”

Mooring isn’t the only TEA partier with whom Magar’s message of fiscal responsibility and term limits for federal elected officials resonates. Magar’s support among the TEA party crowd has been growing and the newcomer to politics is happy to have the support.

“Sure, those other guys have the political establishment behind them, but we have the People; and it’s the People who count,” Magar said after reading Mooring’s letter on the Houma Today website.

The Republican primary will be held on August 28, with early voting beginning on August 14.

Mooring was not shy about who will receive his vote and he “encourage(s) you to vote for Kristian Magar,” too.

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One Response to TEA Party Support for Kristian Magar

  1. Pat Onellion
    August 5, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    Kristian is a great representation of those regular folks who make this Nation great. I've had it with sending attorney types to Washington D.C. It's time to send a few of the "people" to the people's house for a change and restore common sense to government. My vote is with Kristian as well. It's not even close.

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