LAGOP: “Melancon Votes Against Lifting Moratorium”

August 3, 2010

Baton Rouge – Congressman Charlie Melancon (LA-3) voted against language to immediately lift Obama’s job-killing moratorium in the House on Friday evening. Every Republican member of Louisiana’s Congressional delegation supported the legislation but Louisiana’s lone Democrat in the House of Representatives sided once again with Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies.

Congressman Bill Cassidy (LA-6) introduced alternative legislation as a motion to recommit H.R. 3534, the CLEAR Act. His legislation would have lifted the moratorium immediately. The entire delegation was unified in voting YES, except for Melancon who voted NO. (Roll Call 512)

“Louisiana families understand that the drilling moratorium imposed by the federal government on our state’s economy will directly and indirectly impact all of us,” said Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere. “Now is the time for Louisiana’s elected leaders in Washington to stand united and lead the charge for a swift end to an arbitrary and capricious moratorium, but once again Charlie Melancon sided with Speaker Nancy Pelosi instead of putting Louisiana families and their livelihoods first.

Melancon attempted to save face with an amendment to the CLEAR Act that he claimed would have “lifted the moratorium,” but experts at the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association said the amendment was nothing more than a scam. Louisiana’s Republicans in the House recognized the flaws in Melancon’s amendment and unanimously opposed it, but Melancon was able to garner the support of Nancy Pelosi who has been a strong advocate of keeping the moratorium in place.

In an article in the Houma Courier, Louisiana Oil & Gas Association President Don Briggs summed up the impact of Melancon’s amendment saying “It’s a sham … It’s a de facto moratorium. He has done absolutely nothing.”

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