Melancon: “BP firing Tony Hayward — and rewarding him?”

July 27, 2010

Have you heard the news? Numerous media outlets are reporting that BP is finally going to fire its failed CEO, Tony Hayward.

Early on after the oil disaster began, I was the first elected official to call for Hayward to be fired — so I’m glad that BP appears to finally be coming around.

Despite Hayward’s clear record of failure, BP is reportedly going to give him an $18 million payout on his way out the door — a disgusting reward for presiding over the worst environmental disaster in American history.

This is one CEO who definitely doesn’t deserve a golden parachute. That why I’ve I’ve just launched a new petition opposing this handout and demanding that the money go to Gulf Coast recovery instead.

Sign my petition opposing BP’s reported $18M gift to Tony Hayward — this money should go to the victims of the oil spill:

Back in May, I called for Hayward’s ouster because there was no question in my mind that the man whose decisions helped lead to the BP oil disaster — and who then whined about wanting his life back — was incapable of providing the leadership needed to help end this mess.

Our online community certainly agreed — over 8,000 of our supporters signed our Pink Slip petition calling on BP to fire Hayward.

In June, I asked BP to suspend millions in planned performance bonuses to Hayward and their other top executives. Eleven lives have been lost, their families’ lives have been ruined, and a months-long oil leak has threatened the livelihoods of thousands of Louisianians. That outcome doesn’t deserve a bonus in my book.

We won’t stand idly by if BP is going to essentially give Hayward an $18M performance bonus — sign my petition and demand that the money go to Gulf Coast recovery instead:

Thanks for your support,

Charlie Melancon
Candidate for U.S. Senate

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