Magar Endorsed By America’s Independent Party

July 23, 2010

NEW IBERIA, LA— As the Republican primary approaches, Kristian Magar, Ph.D., the conservative candidate for Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District, has received an endorsement from the American Independent Party, a nation-wide Conservative political movement.

Magar, who works in the oil and gas industry and prides himself on not being a career politician, accepted the endorsement from the chairman of the group’s Louisiana Affiliates, Randal Caffery. Caffery said that Magar “has the moral vision to recognize that with these rights [of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] we have a duty to protect and fight for them if we are to keep them alive.”

After receiving the endorsement, Magar, a 9-12 candidate, whose grassroots campaign has been surging as he gets his message to the voters of the district, said “This endorsement means a lot to me because it is based on principle and not just party. Receiving an endorsement from a group made up of everyday

Americans shows that the People of Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District have a choice in this primary. They do not have to choose another career politician or another attorney. They can vote for someone to represent them who is like them.”

The American Independent Party said in a statement that they “enthusiastically…urge all Louisianans to lend their prayers, time, energy, financial resources, and VOTES to Kristian Magar and his campaign.”
The Republican primary will be held on August 28.

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