NRSC: “Why Is Charlie Melancon Standing By Embattled Colleague Charlie Rangel?”

July 23, 2010

House Panel Finds Charlie Rangel Violated Numerous Ethical Rules, So Why Hasn't Charlie Melancon Returned His Tainted Campaign Cash?

WASHINGTON – As the bipartisan House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct announced that U.S. Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has been officially charged with a range of ethics violations following a lengthy investigation, U.S. Representative Charlie Melancon (D-LA) continues to loyally stand by his Democrat colleague.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) called on Melancon to return Rangel’s tainted campaign cash in March 2010 after a number of his Democrat colleagues returned his contributions amid a number of very serious allegations including income tax violations. However, Melancon has refused to return at least $13,000 in donations from Rangel’s campaign committee and leadership PAC during the course of the investigation surrounding the embattled former Ways and Means Committee Chairman.

The New York Times reports today that the Committee of Rangel’s congressional peers has spent nearly two years investigating claims that he “improperly rented four rent-stabilized apartments in Harlem at a price well below market value, despite rules forbidding House members from accepting gifts worth more than $50. It also had been investigating allegations that he improperly used his office to provide legislative favors for an oil-drilling company that pledged a $1 million donation for an academic center named for Mr. Rangel and improperly failed to report taxable income received from a villa he owns in the Dominican Republic.”

“Why does Charlie Melancon continue to stand by Charlie Rangel after a bipartisan committee of his peers determined that he violated key ethics rules?” asked NRSC spokesman Chris Bond. “Actions speak louder than words, and Charlie Melancon’s actions continue to demonstrate that he’s willing to do just about anything to fund his flailing campaign – whether it’s condoning Charlie Rangel’s numerous ethics violations, or sneaking off to Canada to take cash from trial lawyers.”

Background Information:

Charlie Melancon Has Accepted At Least $13,000 From Rangel’s Campaign Committee And Leadership PAC:

* Melancon Accepted $1,000 in October 2004, $1,000 in November 2004, $2,000 in March 2005 and $2,000 in January 2006 from Rangel For Congress. (Federal Election Commission Website, Accessed 2/25/10)

* In The 2004 Cycle, Melancon Accepted $6,000 From Rangel’s Leadership PAC.
(Center For Responsive Politics Website,)

* In The 2006 Cycle, Charles Melancon Accepted $1,000 From Rangel’s Leadership
PAC. (Center For Responsive Politics Website,)

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