Vitter Claim: “Vitter Has A Commanding Lead”

July 23, 2010

The hard work is paying off. I’m writing you today with great news. After weeks of negative attacks by the fledgling Melancon campaign, national polling out of Washington shows Senator Vitter with a commanding 53%-33% lead among likely voters, dwarfing Charlie Melancon by 20 points. And, our primary competition is getting blown away 76-5.

Help David keep up this fight with a $10 donation to get his message out today!

Louisianians are fed up with the big government liberal agenda that President Obama and Charlie Melancon are pushing. Louisiana wants a fighter to stand up to Obama – not someone who gave Obama an A rating and votes with him 84% of the time like Melancon has. Help David fight the Obama-Melancon Machine with a $10 donation now!

On issue after issue, Louisiana families oppose the Obama-Melancon machine. Melancon voted for the Wall Street bailouts, the Obama Budget that triples the already sky high national debt, the Obama Trillion dollar stimulus plan and refuses to repeal Obamacare. Senator Vitter voted against all of these big government measures because David knows exactly what you know, that the growth of government means an intrusion into your families’ lives and your pocketbook.

We can not rest on this good information – we must continue the fight – the only poll that matters is on Election Day. Senator Vitter will continue to work hard on the campaign trail to earn your support. But we need additional resources to get our message out. Can you donate $10 today? Make no mistake about it, with the help of the Obama Administration, Melancon’s desperate campaign will stop at nothing to win this race. He’s short on contributions, he’s short on time and, most importantly, Melancon’s way short on support from Louisiana families.

Which is why Charlie is going to such extremes as traveling with Harry Reid to Canada on a fundraising junket to raise money from trial lawyers who were meeting on how to profit off of the oil spill victims. Louisiana agrees with Senator Vitter – the victims of the oil spill should be compensated in full from BP as David has demanded – not be forced to send their claims money to Melancon and Harry Reid’s international lawyer friends. With knowledge of this fact, over 65% of voters are less likely to vote for Charlie Melancon.

Our strong polling does not mean we need to rest on our laurels. Join with our campaign today to fight against President Obama, Charlie Melancon and their radical big-government agenda.

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