Downer: ‘Obama Strikes Again With 2nd Moratorium by snubbing nose at court decision’

July 14, 2010

SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA -General Hunt Downer issued a strong statement criticizing President Obama’s cabinet regarding his decision to issue another job killing moratorium. Upon hearing the news, Downer responded:

“Obama strikes our region again with a second moratorium in his apparent contempt of court. This is totally against the recommendation of two levels of the American court system, his hand-picked science commission, and common sense. President Obama has decided to put red tape and politics ahead of jobs in South Louisiana. Obama doesn’t like the opinion of the court, so he makes a mockery of our judicial system by snubbing his nose at the injunction and the system of checks and balances enshrined in our Constitution.”

“Instead of picking up a pen to issue another moratorium, the President should have picked up a pair of scissors to cut the red tape that is holding America’s economy back. The President’s second moratorium, based on politics and not science, is simply wrong. He is killing Louisiana’s economy, hurting our national security, and making America more dependent on foreign oil from dictators and tyrants. At a time when each of the President’s economic ‘recovery’ initiatives has failed to live up to his promises, the President should be fighting to protect every American job he can. Instead, he reinvented his job killing moratorium that has already been proven to be based on politics and not public safety.”

“Our nation’s future ? especially South Louisiana’s? is being destroyed by the failed leadership of the President and his bureaucrats. America needs a leader, not a job killer!”

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One Response to Downer: ‘Obama Strikes Again With 2nd Moratorium by snubbing nose at court decision’

  1. cliff
    July 14, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    It begs the question; is this what he has planned? He gains control of energy, he can punish opponents, and pander to the his base all at the same time with this moratorium. Crushing gulf oil production also makes Sorro's and others who have holdings in the offshore oil business of Brazil a lot of money to give to dems for reelection.

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