Vitter to Bayou Industrial Group: Obama “Declaring War on Louisiana’s Economy”

July 12, 2010

(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Sen. David Vitter today addressed the Bayou Industrial Group at a luncheon in Thibodaux. Vitter’s comments centered on the devastating effects the Obama administration’s economic policies have had on Louisiana businesses.

“After months of indecision and lack of focus, the Obama administration has finally taken my advice and started treating the oil spill response like a war. Unfortunately, they’re declaring war on Louisiana’s economy.

“Today, nearly three months after the oil spill began, the president’s oil spill commission finally held its first meeting. But commission members have made it clear that they will defer to the Interior Department’s own agenda and have no intention of addressing the deepwater drilling moratorium that’s killing thousands of jobs in our state. Even though two courts have sided against the administration, they are still doing everything they can to keep the moratorium in place.

“We’ve also recently learned that many jobs at the Avondale shipyard could potentially be in jeopardy. Avondale has employed thousands of people in south Louisiana for decades, but the Obama administration’s destructive economic policies and misguided budget priorities have made its future uncertain. I’ve spoken to the governor about this today and plan on joining the delegation in the fight to stabilize the workforce at Avondale.

“And the latest outrage is the administration’s radical vision for the future of our space program. Michoud was preparing for a gap in production between the shuttle and the new Constellation program, with the majority of Constellation’s production being handled by Michoud, but the administration’s recent announcements of a more radical direction for human space flight put Constellation and the highly-skilled workers at Michoud in jeopardy. This not only hurts the Louisiana economy, but cedes America’s role as a leader in space and military innovation to other countries such as Russia, India and China. With the NASA authorization bill before my committee this week, I plan on fighting for these good Louisiana jobs and re-emphasizing the importance of maintaining American space superiority,” said Vitter.

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