South Louisiana Congressional Candidate Jeff Landry Blasts Obama Administration on New Drilling Moratorium

July 12, 2010

SOUTH LOUISIANA – Today Jeff Landry, the leading Republican candidate in Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District, blasted President Obama and his Administration on the New Moratorium announced.

“Does the President want to destroy South Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast? Does the President not have any respect for the Courts? Does this President have any desire other than to cripple our economy,” said Jeff Landry.

“This is another disaster, what he is trying to do, and the hard working people of the Gulf Coast have had enough. He is spitting in our face and pouring salt into our wounds,” Landry said.

The Administration announced today that despite the ruling from the courts on the first Moratorium, they would issue a new Moratorium on deep water drilling. Governor Jindal and countless state and local officials across the Gulf Coast have continually stated how such a ban would cost thousands of jobs and destroy the economy.

“I cannot believe the arrogance of this President. This is not a dictatorship, this is a free country that has a structure founded in the Constitution,” said Landry. “The Executive Branch is limited in their power and the Judicial Branch already decided that the Administration has over stepped its boundaries. It is clear that the President gives little respect to the document that he was sworn to protect,” Landry said.

“While the American People have been screaming for sound legislation that leads our economy out of this recession, the President has only been promoting policies that are destroying the economy of South Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast,” said Jeff Landry.

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