Cassidy on New Moratorium: “What Does the Administration Have Against Louisianans Having Jobs?”

July 12, 2010

BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy made the following statement on news that the Obama Administration is imposing a new ban on Louisiana energy jobs:

“What does the Administration have against Louisianans having jobs?”

“This notion of a ‘pause’ is absurd. Our economy is not a DVD player, where the government can just push play or pause on a whim. These rigs won’t pause. They’ll keep drilling, but in Africa or Brazil, with African and Brazilian workers instead of Americans. It could be years before these jobs come back. You can’t pause our economy’s thirst for 20 million gallons of oil a day. The oil has to come from somewhere. If it’s not produced in Louisiana, it will be imported from abroad in tankers, which are statistically more likely to result in spills than rigs.”

“Ultimately, this decision means fewer jobs, less energy security, and a greater likelihood of future spills.”

On June 15, Cassidy introduced the Gulf Coast Jobs Preservation Act to overturn the first moratorium. Tonight, Cassidy joins the Tea Party of Louisiana for a Town Hall Meeting in opposition to the moratorium.

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