Chen Loses Appeal For Asylum

July 8, 2010

Holder Wins Asylum Denial Case

(New Orleans) – Fang Chen, an immigrant from China, doesn’t want to go back to China. Too bad says Eric Holder who has thus far resisted pressure to deport illegal immigrants from the United States. Score one for advocates of deportation for illegal immigrants, except Chen isn’t here illegally.

Chen applied for asylum under the Convention Against Torture in December of 2005 which meant that the case should be governed by the standards of the Real ID Act. The Real ID Act tightens restrictions on applicants of asylum in the United States. Many critics cited that terrorist can not apply for asylum and that this rule only makes it tougher for legitimate claimants of asylum to successfully qualify.

Score one for Holder who has recently been criticized for not prosecuting a voter intimidation case and for not prosecuting illegal immigrants. Though Holder might be an indication on that he may be willing to break from his staunch stance on allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the United States, critics cite hypocrisy on Holder’s part to deport asylum seekers here legally, but doesn’t deport drug cartel members who enter the U.S. illegally.

The opinion of Chen V. Holder can be found by clicking here.

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