Downer strongly criticizes Obama’s call for a re-moratorium

July 7, 2010

SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA – A day after announcing that his campaign raised nearly $275,000 in his first five weeks as a candidate, General Hunt Downer issued a strong statement criticizing President Obama’s hard-line position regarding the Obama job killing moratorium. Today, the New York Times reported that the Obama administration has again asked the courts to reinstate the moratorium. Upon hearing this news, Downer responded:

“Instead of picking up a pen to sign the moratorium, the President should have picked up a pair of scissors to cut the red tape that is holding America’s economy back. The President’s moratorium, based on politics and not science, is simply wrong. He is killing Louisiana’s economy, hurting our national security, and making America more dependent on oil from dictators and tyrants. At a time when every one of the President’s economic ‘recovery’ initiatives has failed to live up to his promises, the President should be fighting to protect every American job he can. However, he is calling upon the courts to reinstate his job killing moratorium that has already been proven to be based on a political agenda and not public safety.”

“Our nation’s future ? especially South Louisiana? is being destroyed by the failed leadership of this President and his bureaucrats. America needs a leader, not a job killer!”

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