Villere Calls Out Obama, D.C. Democrats on Obstructing Oil Spill Visit

July 1, 2010

Villere says Democrats from Obama to Pelosi have done everything in their power to impede Louisiana's recovery

Baton Rouge – Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere expressed his outrage today that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is blocking members of Congress from visiting the devastation of the Louisiana coastline. Villere also offered Congressman Steve Scalise the full support of the Party in making sure members of Congress are able to visit the oil spill disaster area.

“President Obama has stumbled and stalled his way through this oil spill cleanup effort and now Nancy Pelosi is standing in the way of members of Congress who want to see the devastation firsthand,” stated Villere. “It’s no surprise that some are starting to wonder why so many D.C. Democrats, from the President to Pelosi, seem content to leave the future of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast in such peril,” added Villere.

This most recent obstruction by Pelosi comes on the heels of information that after more than 70 days of oil gushing from the mangled Deepwater Horizon, President Obama has finally decided to allow American allies to assist in the cleanup process.

“Unless there is some extraordinary reason to prohibit this trip – which has yet to be communicated to us – this is an unacceptable departure from past practices,” said Representative Dan Lungren of California, the top Republican on the administration committee.

As to why Democrats were blocking Congressmen from seeing the coast, Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill, referred to “energy policies that have done nothing to secure our energy future”.

“These statements by Nancy Pelosi’s office shed even further light as to the real reason Democrats are blocking our recovery and cleanup efforts. It’s time for Democrats to put aside partisan politics and catering to the liberal left and focus on getting the job done on cleaning up this mess that they’re helping to create,” concluded Villere.

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