Governor Jindal Calls On Feds To Get In The War To Win It

June 30, 2010

Governor Bobby Jindal, Nola Mayor Mitch Landrieu, and Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser speak on behalf of Louisiana Seafood.

GRAND ISLE – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal viewed firsthand a massive and heavy oil slick that is roughly three miles off the coast of Grand Isle where local leaders have been waiting weeks for federal officials to issue a permit to narrow passes and block oil from coming into Louisiana’s wetlands. Governor Jindal called on federal officials to immediately issue authorization for the project so work can begin to stop more heavy oil from hitting Louisiana’s coast.

Governor Jindal said, “We saw waves of very heavy bands of oil that are just a few miles off our coast. We know the slick is heading our way and we need to do everything to fight the oil off our coast. Our coastal leaders have a plan to battle the spill, but we have been waiting for weeks now for federal officials to issue a permit and approve the plan.

“Over a month ago, the towns of Grand Isle and Lafitte, together with Jefferson Parish have been asking for a permit to narrow the five eastern Barataria Passes and to establish active sorbent and removal operations on barges. So far, two passes have been approved for barges – Pass Abel and Four-Bayou Pass. The federal government still has not approved rock or other measures necessary to direct the surface and subsurface oil to the vacuum barges. There are tons of rocks just sitting there waiting to be deployed.

“Once again, federal agencies that have done little while 2,300 square miles of wetlands disappear now tell us that they have delayed the rock approval because they are worried about ‘protecting our coast.’ The federal agencies are saying rocks in the water would cause more damage than the oil that is coming our way. Only someone in Washington would be arguing about that. This defies logic and common sense.

“We now know that a large quantity of oil is moving toward our coastline as we speak. Contractors were ready to begin placing rock this weekend and they still stand ready to begin immediately placing the rock upon getting the emergency authorization from the Army Corps of Engineers. We are again calling on the Corps to grant emergency authorization immediately so this work can begin. Requests for minor details or additional analyses can be handled after a permit is issued – but we need to get to work on pro

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