Paul Begala: Vitter’s Worst Nightmare

June 29, 2010

Every once in a while, you come across a candidate who is perfectly suited to take out a dreadful incumbent.

That’s one reason why I’m so interested in the Louisiana senate race, where Charlie Melancon is proving to be David Vitter’s worst nightmare.

David Vitter is like a bizarro version of what a good politician should be. He hasn’t got a single significant legislative accomplishment to his name, and as far as I can tell the only thing he actually does is sit around and complain all day.

In contrast, Charlie never stops fighting for the people he represents. That’s why Charlie’s gaining on David Vitter in the polls, but we need to help him keep it up by giving his campaign a boost.

Contribute $5 or more today — get Charlie’s back before tomorrow’s midnight fundraising deadline:

I’ve known Charlie for years, and one thing was clear from the start: this is a man who knows what fighting for the little guy is all about.

When he gets up in the morning to do his job, he doesn’t approach it as a politician — he goes to work as a Louisianian.

We’ve seen this in his response to the Gulf oil spill, where he’s been working every day to make sure Louisiana is put first in this disaster and that Louisianians affected by the spill get every dollar they deserve for their destroyed livelihoods.

And this isn’t the first time he’s shown this type of leadership. Nine months after becoming a U.S. Representative, Charlie was faced with the worst natural disaster in our county’s history: Hurricane Katrina. When the storm subsided, he didn’t waste time blaming others or dithering over options. He just acted.

Compare that to David Vitter’s usual blame games and backseat driving, and it couldn’t be clearer why we need to put Charlie’s campaign over the top before tomorrow’s fundraising deadline.

Let’s make sure that Vitter’s nightmare only gets worse until we boot him out of office this November — contribute $5 or more to Charlie’s campaign today:

Thanks for getting Charlie’s back.


Paul Begala

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