Magar Visits Cleanup Efforts

June 28, 2010

VENICE, LA – Kristian Magar, Ph.D., the conservative candidate for LA’s 3rd congressional district, visited Venice on Saturday. Magar, who has spent his career in the oil and gas industry, visited the area to learn more about the effects the BP oil spill is having on the people, their livelihoods and their environment.

While in the area, Magar met with local and state law enforcement and those on the front lines of the cleanup efforts. He also met with several small business owners who had been affected by the spill.
“It is deeply disturbing to see the people of this area losing their livelihoods because of this disaster,” said Magar of his trip. One business owner Magar met, when asked how he was doing, motioned toward the empty shrimp baskets and said, “Unemployed”.

“There’s no reason the local people can’t be utilized to help clean up the oil as a way for them to provide for their families,” Magar said. The parking lots were full of out-of-state license plates.

“The people of this area are hard-working and deserve to be given the opportunity to contribute instead of having to sit idly by. After all, this is our home. Who else would work harder than we would to clean up our own backyard?,” said Magar.

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