Our View: Time To Start Kicking Butt

June 24, 2010

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Unlike other publications, Inside Louisiana News has withdrawn itself from candidate endorsements in order to accomplish our goal of simply bringing our readers the best information directly from the source. We believe that our readers are intelligent enough to make decisions when all the facts are presented to them, and don’t need to be led one way or the other. It is with this mind set that directs the focus and standards of Inside Louisiana News. However, we believe it to be a completely different story when we as a state ought to be united; and it is this instance of the BP oil spill that we feel that it is time for us to speak in unison as a state.

Whether you are concerned about our wetlands, wildlife, economy, or our fishing industry, the most important thing ought to be cleaning up the oil spill. Certainly capping the leak is of high importance, but that is beyond our control, and BP deserves the scathing rebuke that they are receiving.

What we find is especially troublesome when our biggest fight isn’t with British Petroleum, but rather the Administration of President Obama.

We have been offered aid from foreign countries, and it has been denied to us by this administration’s slow response to accept the generous givings of the world around us.

We have received 18 skimmers, while 2,000 remain out of use because President Obama has denied our use citing that there may be “another oil spill”.

We have waited far too long to get approval to build sand berms that could have prevented crude oil from reaching our shores, and after receiving the approval, had to stop because the Obama administration has changed their mind.

He has put at risk the credibility of the global warming group, when the nation’s leader advocates for green legislation and doesn’t tackle the largest environmental disaster of our time with any sense of urgency and they stand by his side.

We have had this administration launch an assault on our economy, disregarding the advice of his hand picked experts, of our local leaders, and our fisherman, by issuing a 6 month moratorium on drilling that would have long lasting and devastating effects on our economy, and when overturned by a judge, immediately stated that they would reissue the moratorium, a move filled with disrespect toward the rule of law.

These are just a handful of offenses against the people of Louisiana by the current presidential administration, and not only is it troubling to the people of the state of Louisiana, but equally troubling to the people of other states. Concerns are raised across the nation, and national tension is at an all-time high. Many question: If President Obama proves ineffective to solve the crisis in the Gulf affecting the people of Louisiana, what will happen to our welfare in the instance of catastrophe or disaster in our states?

Equally disheartening is the fact that the two most effective Democrats we have has been Attorney General Buddy Caldwell and James Carville. We have two Democrats in Washington, both which have, in many ways, been ineffective.

Senator Mary Landrieu’s re-election was in large part due because people felt that she would be very effective, that she would look out for this state. She had a lot of political capital and she spent it so that President Obama could pass his health care legislation. She once cast a vote in a way because then Senator Ken Salazar asked her to. What has she gotten in return? A public display that her influence over both Secretary Salazar and President Obama is ineffectual. It may be comforting to her that this administration talks to her, but as well as she has been heard by this administration she might as well have been a Republican Senator. We’d like to know, where is the Senator Landrieu that once threatened to punch President Bush during the height of Hurricane Katrina? It’s time for Senator Landrieu to live up to the promise that as our senior Senator, she can get things done.

On the other side, we have Representative Melancon whose campaign continues to sputter along, trying to get traction by focusing his entire attention on bashing Tony Hayward, even after Hayward was gone. Yet Melancon’s influence over the Obama administration is so ineffective that he doesn’t even attempt to stand up for the state of Louisiana.

It is our hope that Senator Mary Landrieu and Representative Melancon begin to fight back against this administration. It is, after all, this administration that has put the entire Democratic party at risk with it’s agenda, and continues to push the party into the abyss of forgotten relics alongside the Whig Party.

In the words of President Obama, it’s time for Landrieu and Melancon to start “kicking ass”. It’s time for Senator Landrieu and Representative Melancon to start fighting for this state, to start standing up to this administration, and to actually act like they want to represent the state of Louisiana.

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  1. Tony Gentile
    June 24, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    I agree 100%.

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