Poll On Admiral Thad Allen

June 19, 2010

BP’s Tony Hayward is no longer overseeing the containment of the oil spill but more problems still persist. The delay in the vacuum barges, and the decision by the Coast Guard to stop the Vacuum barges on two occasions this past week delayed cleaning of the gulf coast.

Representative Charlie Melancon has been very active in pushing Hayward to resign. Should Admiral Thad Allen be the next to go? You can vote in the poll that appears just below the ad and let us know what you think. A quick, one time registration is required to cast a vote.

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One Response to Poll On Admiral Thad Allen

  1. MCPO Coastie
    June 21, 2010 at 12:37 am

    Tricky questions in the poll.
    They should give me the same authority that General Eisenhower had in WWII.
    Right now he is just in charge of 83 different gov't agencies and can't agree on how to find something with both hands…… (o)….
    Allow him to make executive decisions on how to clean up the oil and ducks.

    Retired Coastie.

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