LAGOP: “Melancon Shows Continued Obamacare Support”

June 18, 2010

Baton Rouge – House Republicans gave Charlie Melancon an opportunity on Tuesday to stand up to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and repeal the job-killing individual mandate at the heart of Obamacare, but Melancon stood by his liberal leadership and toed the party line.

Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) offered a motion to repeal the individual mandate in Obama‚Äôs healthcare bill that forces citizens to purchase health insurance With the latest non-partisan polling in Louisiana concluding that 67% of likely voters support a repeal of Obamacare and 59% specifically opposing any federal law that includes an individual mandate, it’s quite clear the majority of Louisianians wanted Melancon to vote for repeal. But, despite these clear and convincing numbers, Charlie Melancon voted FOR THE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE and demonstrated once again that he’s not the voice of Louisiana but a rubber stamp for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda.

“Charlie Melancon’s vote this week in support of the job-killing and tax-hiking individual mandate proves once again just how out of touch Charlie Melancon is with the people of Louisiana,” said Republican Party of Louisiana Communications Director Aaron Baer. “Melancon’s flailing campaign is already 20 points behind Senator David Vitter according to the recent Magellan Strategies survey and his clear support for Obama’s massive government take-over of the healthcare industry demonstrates he’s either not listening to the people of Louisiana or he simply does not care.”

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