Breaking News: Dead Whale Found In The Gulf Coast

June 17, 2010

On Wednesday scientists discovered a dead sperm whale floating approximately 77 miles south of the deepwater horizon drill site but are not sure if the whale died due to the oil spill or if it’s death was due to natural causes.

The discovery would mark the first dead whale that has been spotted since the BP oil rig exploded on the 20th of April but scientists are stressing the fact that the oil was not found in oil ridden waters. (continued below)

Sperm whale’s are on the endangered species list and many scientists worry that even just a handful of sperm whale deaths could threaten the longterm longevity of the species in the Gulf where there are anywhere between 1,400 and 1,600 sperm whales.

Scientists have taken samples of the whale and are doing further analysis to find out how, where, and when it died and if the BP oil spill is responsible.

(Article by Micheal Kelly of Myona News –

Photo by Eric Cheng

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