LAGOP: “Charlie Melancon Missing In Action”

June 16, 2010

Yesterday, Charlie Melancon got caught skipping the most important oil spill hearing this Congress has had since the Deepwater Horizon spill began. Now 24 hours later, Melancon hasn’t even attempted to offer an excuse for his absence.

The hearing, titled “Drilling Down on America’s Energy Future: Safety, Security, and Clean Energy,” included officials from the five major oil companies. It offered a chance for lawmakers to question the executives on drilling safety, spill response, and Obama’s job-killing moratorium as well.

“Melancon had a real opportunity to stand up for Louisiana and hold BP accountable for the oil spill,” said Republican Party of Louisiana Communications Director Aaron Baer. “Melancon shirked his responsibilities to fight for Louisianians negatively impacted by the oil spill and Obama’s disastrous moratorium and has proven once again than when Louisiana needs him he’s nowhere to be found.”

Back in March, Melancon quit the House Budget Committee. In explaining his resignation, Melancon indicated it was so he could “focus his efforts” on the Energy and Commerce Committee who “deals with oil and gas industry issues important to Louisiana.” Yet, when that very committee held perhaps their most important hearing of this Congress, Melancon was noticeably absent.

“Melancon is developing quite the track record of showing up missing in action when Louisiana needs him most,” said Baer, “and this November Louisiana will give Melancon the permanent vacation he deserves.”

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