Melancon Camp: “Charlie Within Striking Distance”

June 16, 2010

Dear Friend,

Great news — a new poll shows that Charlie is within single digits of beating David Vitter!

Public Policy Polling, an independent, nonpartisan, and nationally respected pollster, found what every other independent poll in the last year has found: Vitter’s numbers are stagnant and well below the critical 50 percent mark.

The best news from this poll is that familiarity with and support for Charlie is growing across Louisiana. Clearly, this race has dramatically changed in recent weeks, and Charlie is building the momentum he needs to beat David Vitter in November.

But we need your help to keep the momentum growing — click below to contribute $5 or more to Charlie’s campaign right now.

The current trial heat is pegged at 46%-37%, which is dangerous for Vitter since almost everyone is familiar with him.

On the other hand, Charlie is within single digits even though nearly 40 percent of Louisianians don’t even know him yet. We only have room to grow.

Charlie has been working overtime to put Louisiana first and people have been noticing — and now the press is too.

Congressional Quarterly noted this morning that “Rep. Charlie Melancon, the Democratic Senate nominee in Louisiana, has boosted his public profile considerably since the Deepwater explosion.”

And TPMDC also discussed the state of the race in light of this new poll: “Add to that the fact that the general election field is likely to be peppered with conservative underdogs — including a libertarian candidate and a Tea Party-backed independent — all of whom should take votes away from Vitter, and it’s not hard to imagine that race becoming competitive in the end.”

We know that Louisianians are ready to support Charlie in this race — now we need to get the word out to the voters.

Click below to contribute $5 or more to our campaign today — and help us spread the word that Charlie Melancon will always put Louisiana first

This new poll shows what we’ve known for a long time: David Vitter is the most threatened Republican incumbent in the country. And this race is ours for the taking.

Now, we need to make sure we build up our resources so we can introduce Charlie to the rest of Louisiana. We need your help.

Thank you for your support,

Bradley Beychok
Campaign Manager
Charlie Melancon for Senate

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