Boustany Requests Meeting with President to Address Energy Production Moratorium and Loss of Louisiana Jobs

June 14, 2010

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Charles W. Boustany, Jr., (R-Southwest Louisiana), today requested a meeting with the President to address the offshore energy production moratorium and the impact of the moratorium on Louisiana workers. Every member of the Louisiana delegation joined Boustany in signing the letter.

“As the moratorium continues, thousands of Louisiana workers remain out of work, and they face great uncertainty about their futures,” said Boustany. “America needs energy produced from the Gulf Coast region. This moratorium makes us more reliant on foreign sources of energy, which costs us jobs and directly impacts our national security. The President should listen to members of the Louisiana delegation to understand how his policies affect our area.”

Boustany also authored a column in Sunday’s Lafayette Daily Advertiser in which he wrote: “…[t]his spill is a disaster, but we can overcome it. Overcoming this challenge requires communication and cooperation between the private sector and all levels of government. My colleagues in Congress and I continue to press the administration to step up their coordination, which unfortunately has been lacking.

“Ill-conceived decisions made by the president and members of his administration threaten our way of life, as the moratorium on deepwater energy production has led companies to begin moving rigs overseas and eliminating Louisiana jobs…

“Louisiana supplies the energy to power America, and that will not change. We need to continue this proud tradition in an environmentally responsible way…

“The president must listen to the people of Louisiana who understand the delicate balance between our environment, energy and economy.”

A copy of Boustany’s letter to President Obama is here.

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