President Needs to Hear from Louisiana on Moratorium

June 14, 2010

WASHINGTON – Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy today encouraged Louisianians to sign the Gulf Economic Survival Team’s online petition to President Barack Obama and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. The petition asks for an end to the Administration’s recently imposed six month moratorium on offshore drilling.

“President Obama and Secretary of the Interior Salazar need to hear from as many Louisianians as possible about the consequences of this moratorium,” Cassidy said after signing the petition. “Every day the moratorium remains in place means more Louisiana jobs lost, less revenue to state and local governments, and more oil imported from the Middle East.”

The Gulf Economic Survival Team was recently formed by Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Scott Angelle at the request of Governor Bobby Jindal. The text of the petition, which can be signed here online, is as follows:

The offshore drilling moratorium will be devastating to our Gulf Coast region, where hundreds of thousands of residents work in jobs that service the oil and gas industry. The impacts we are suffering from the BP oil spill are bad enough; the moratorium will cause massive layoffs and cripple our economies like never seen before, and we will likely feel the impact for years. Please act quickly to institute offshore safeguards, reduce the drilling moratorium to 30 days, and get us working again to fuel this nation!

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