Vitter has Commanding 20 point Lead over Melancon: 51 to 31

June 14, 2010

An independent poll released today shows Sen. David Vitter with a commanding 20 point lead over Rep. Charlie Melancon in the U.S. Senate race. The Magellan Strategies survey of likely Louisiana voters shows Vitter with a 51 to 31 lead over Melancon.

“Although Melancon has bet all his election hopes on the oil spill disaster, he still remains stuck in the nearly disqualifying low 30s,” said Republican Party of Louisiana Communications Director Aaron Baer. “In his six years in Congress, Melancon has never seen this much Washington media interest, but the simple fact remains that Louisiana voters don’t like the liberal Melancon. However, Sen. Vitter has maintained a consistent commanding lead.”

The oil spill, the economy, jobs, and the national debt were considered among the most important issues in the survey. Melancon voted for the ‘stimulus,’ the government bailouts, and billions of President Obama’s wasteful spending agenda.

President Obama’s job approval ratings are also poor with 60 percent disapproving of his work on the oil spill. Of those surveyed, 64 percent oppose Obama’s job-killing moratorium that Melancon has refused to demand the President to end immediately. 72 percent of those surveyed also favor the expansion of offshore drilling.

Obama’s moratorium, his poor handling of the oil spill, and his low approval ratings will certainly be a huge burden for Melancon in the fall.

“If one thing can be taken away from this poll, it’s that Melancon is as unpopular as ever and the Democrat strategists, liberal media types and his campaign are simply grasping at straws when they say that he has somehow positively boosted his profile,” Baer said.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal scored very high marks and has a 66 percent approval rating for his job of handling the oil spill.

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