Sangisetty Urges Community Action Calls For Support To Shorten Moratorium

June 14, 2010

HOUMA, La. — Ravi Sangisetty, Democratic candidate for Congress in the Louisiana Third District, signed the Gulf Economic Survival Team’s petition to shorten the drilling moratorium and save over 20,000 jobs.

“Washington is broken and playing politics with people’s lives. I applaud Governor Jindal and Lieutenant Governor Angelle for creating this team, and this petition,” Sangisetty said. “What Washington doesn’t get is that a six month ban on drilling will devastate our economy, and it will do lasting, irreversible damage to south Louisiana. I urge everyone to sign the petition today.”

Sangisetty said the rigs can be inspected and safety ensured without shutting down for six months.

“It is further evidence of how broken Washington is that they need six months to inspect a couple dozen rigs,” he said. “This isn’t a time for studies and Washington taking its time. We need these rigs back up and drilling, and our crews back to work. Some rigs have already left the gulf waters to drill elsewhere. We need to end this moratorium before the oil industry leaves south Louisiana indefinitely.”

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