Video: Rep. Melancon Sends “No BP Bailout” Petition to David Vitter’s Office

June 11, 2010

Jeff Giertz, Office of Rep. Charlie Melancon:

The people agree: BP and the companies responsible for the mess that is accumulating along our coastline should be held 100 percent responsible for the cost of the cleanup and recovery.

A group of Charlie’s supporters and I delivered that message loud and clear to David Vitter when we dropped off our petition opposing his BP Bailout Bill — now at over 11,000 signatures — to his office in Baton Rouge. (continued below)

The contrast couldn’t be clearer. While Charlie’s been fighting day and night to hold BP accountable and help those being hurt by this disaster, Vitter continues pushing his bill that allows oil companies to avoid paying 100 percent of the damage they cause in a spill.

But Vitter understands his position is indefensible and unpopular, which is why he’s told his staff to say that his bill would increase the damage caps, as you can see in the video.

This is intentionally misleading: Vitter’s BP bailout bill ties liability in an oil spill to a company’s profits, limiting a company’s responsibility to as little as $150 million no matter how much damage they cause. One company involved in the current oil spill disaster, Anadarko, lost money last year, so their liability under Vitter’s bill would be set at $150 million.

Putting this into perspective, so far the response efforts have run up a nearly $1 billion tab — and that doesn’t even count the damage done to our environment and countless Louisiana businesses.

So who picks up the rest of the tab under Vitter’s bill? You got it: we do, the taxpayers.

While we wait for Vitter to issue a response to the thousands of Americans who signed our petition, Charlie has been working around the clock to do everything he can to help fix this mess.

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Thank you for standing with us during these trying times.


Jeff Giertz
Communications Director
Melancon for Senate

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One Response to Video: Rep. Melancon Sends “No BP Bailout” Petition to David Vitter’s Office

  1. cjgary71
    June 11, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    The bill in question — one of two Vitter has filed on the liability issue — would lift the existing $75 million liability cap and substitute a cap of $150 million, or the total of a company's profits for the previous four quarters, whichever is larger. Per CNN Money, Exxon Mobil set an annual profit record by earning $40.61 billion – or nearly $1,300 per second in 2007. That exceeded its previous record of $39.5 billion in 2006. So for Charlie Melancon to say that Vitter's bill is limiting liability is false and misleading. Yes, the MINIMUM would be $150 million, but the maximum could be quite more. Just another one of Melancon's lies.

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