Sangisetty Blasts Six Month Moratorium As “Made-For-TV” Propaganda… Wants Rapid Inspections, Safety Improvements

June 10, 2010

‘Get these crews back to work’

HOUMA, LA – Ravi Sangisetty, Democratic candidate for Congress in the Louisiana Third District, said the recent moratorium on deep-water drilling in the Gulf is not a solution and immediate action must be taken to get the rigs up to standard and back to work.

“The moratorium is not a solution for the economy of this region or for domestic energy in the country. A six month delay will compound a national tragedy by creating a local and regional economic collapse,” Sangisetty said. “The rigs need to be inspected in the next 45 days and the moratorium lifted by July 31st. Send BP the bill.”

Sangisetty continued, “Here’s what they don’t understand in Washington. We are talking about whole communities that depend on the oil industry. This “Made-For-TV” moratorium won’t just kill jobs in the oil industry, it will bankrupt retail stores, restaurants, car and boat dealerships, grocery stores. It hurts every business, every family in South Louisiana. Even local governments will begin to suffer as our economy gets hammered by the excessive and ill-conceived moratorium. Washington is broken and playing politics with peoples’ lives.”

With the fishing and tourism industries of South Louisiana already facing enormous hardships from the spill, the moratorium is the final straw in shutting down the economy in the Gulf Coast communities.

“Get these inspectors mobilized, get the rigs up to the highest safety standards, and get these crews back to work doing what we do better than anyone else in the world.”

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