Report on Oil Sightings throughout Coastal Louisiana

June 9, 2010

BATON ROUGE (June 9, 2010) – BATON ROUGE – The below is a situational awareness report of oil impacted areas led by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the Louisiana Army National Guard and local governments.

Note: The information in this report has been forwarded to the federal incident command post in Houma, which is composed of U.S. Coast Guard and BP officials. This report consists of newly impacted areas, and does not serve as a comprehensive listing of impacted areas.

Oil Sightings Report June 9, 2010

Sighting: Bay long streamers 10′ – 50′ long with heavy oil in the entire bay 0.3 miles off the shore of Bog Pond.
Date: 8 Jun 10
Sighting: Heavy oil located near the western shoreline of island located in Jimmy Bay near the NE corner of Barataria Bay.
Date: 8 Jun 10 Sighting: Streaks of black oil 5.3 miles east of the middle of Blind Bay.
Date: 8 Jun 10 Sighting: Heavy oil reported in Bay Jacques one mile north of Bayou Coquette.
Date: 8 Jun 10 Sighting: Tar balls on the beach and sheen on the water on the western side of Chaland Pass.
Date: 8 Jun 10 Sighting: Heavy oil found in Bay Juaquin 1 mile north of Bayou Crapaud. Additionally, heavy oil reported one mile NE of the center of Bay Coquette.
Date: 8 Jun 10 Sighting: Recoverable oil in the eastern portion of Bay Batiste 2 miles N/NE of Big Island.
Date: 8 Jun 10

Jefferson Parish:
Sighting: 200′ long mass of oil in the marsh NW Barataria Bay mile W/NW of Manila.
Date: 8 Jun 10
Sighting: 300′ of oil slugs near the grass in the vicinity of a small island SW of Manila in Barataria Bay.
Date: 8 Jun 10 Sighting: Brown oil with ribbons 100 yards long north of Grand Isle in Bayou Fifi.
Date: 8 Jun 10

Lafourche Parish:
Sighting: Oil sheen with a light foam in the Intercoastal Waterway 2.71 milesS/SW of Bayou Grand Coteau.
Date: 8 Jun 10

Terrebonne Parish:
Sighting: 1000 yards of recoverable oil mile south of Fish Bayou.
Date: 8 Jun 10
Sighting: Light cream-colored foam with a very light sheen in Company Canal near the town of Bourg.
Date: 8 Jun 10

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