Melancon: “Last chance: Stop Vitter’s BP Bailout Bill”

June 8, 2010

Dear Friend,

The fallout from the BP oil leak continues. As the devastation mounts, we need to make sure that those who caused this mess pay every dime of the cleanup and recovery costs.

Sadly, David Vitter doesn’t feel the same way. His BP Bailout Bill would limit oil company liability to as little as $150 million, with taxpayers paying the rest. BP’s costs for the Gulf oil disaster have already exceeded $1 billion.

We need to send Vitter the message that his days of covering for the oil companies are over.

Tomorrow, he’ll be participating in a hearing on Capitol Hill to discuss this very issue, but we need to make sure he also hears from us before the hearing. That’s why we’re going to deliver our petition opposing his bailout bill to his office tomorrow morning.

Send David Vitter a message right now: Sign our petition opposing Vitter’s BP Bailout Bill, before we deliver it to his office tomorrow morning

You all know where I stand on this issue: oil companies should be 100 percent responsible for the full cost of the damage they cause in an oil spill, period.

If we keep an artificial cap like Vitter wants, then companies like BP will take unnecessary risks because they know the taxpayers will bail them out if something goes wrong.

Maybe Vitter’s just been hanging out a bit too much with his friends and donors at BP, because I don’t know how anyone else could oppose holding the companies who caused this disaster 100% responsible for the costs.

With your help, we can make sure that Vitter hears from regular Americans, and not just his industry friends. We’ll be delivering our petition — which already has over 5,000 signatures — to Vitter’s office tomorrow morning before the hearing, and I’d love to have your name on it.

Make sure your name is on our petition opposing Vitter’s BP Bailout Bill — click here to sign it right now:

The damage to our waters, our coast, our local industries, and our people is already devastating, and the sad truth is that it’s only going to get worse.

That’s why we need to change the law and make sure that those responsible for a spill are held fully responsible — not taxpayers.

Thank you for your support,

Charlie Melancon
Candidate for U.S. Senate

P.S. After you’ve signed the petition, please forward this email to five friends and urge them to sign as well before we deliver the petition tomorrow morning!

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