LAGOP: “Melancon Downplaying And Shifting Responsibility”

June 8, 2010

Fellow Conservatives,

While Gov. Jindal, Sen. Vitter and our coastal parish officials all strongly oppose Obama’s indefinite job-killing off shore moratorium, Rep. Charlie Melancon continues to downplay the impacts and shift the blame.

Repeatedly, Melancon has cast dispersion on oil companies saying that “just because they want to shut [them] down for a short period of time, [they] take [their] toys and [they’re] going somewhere else.”

But as Sen. David Vitter has said, the “rigs won’t wait idly for six months, [the oil companies will] move them overseas to places like West Africa or Brazil and take jobs with them.” And he’s right, just today Anadarko Petroleum Corp. has announced it’s moving three rigs from the gulf to meet its annual production goals.

For the long term economic health of South Louisiana we simply cannot allow this drilling moratorium to cripple the oil industry and all of the supporting industries throughout our state.

And if chastising the oil industry for their reaction to Obama’s ill-conceived moratorium wasn’t enough, Melancon made one thing explicitly clear on WWL saying “fingers should not be pointed at the president or the federal government.”

Really? Whose federal agencies approved drilling of the well? Who failed for weeks to approve plans developed by Gov. Jindal and local officials? Who is still failing to deliver the resources requested even after they’ve been approved? And whose decision was it to enact the moratorium?

We all know the answers to these questions and so the American people. A survey released just this week found that 69% of the American people had an unfavorable opinion of the federal government’s response to the spill. That’s even worse than the 62% who disapproved of the federal response to Hurricane Katrina.

Weeks ago Charlie Melancon was accused of calling the oil spill overplayed and now he’s downplaying the moratoriums impact and shifting responsibility.

Louisiana knows the importance of our wetlands and the oil industry to our state and Melancon’s relentless defense of Obama’s failed policies and drilling moratorium demonstrate his clear commitment to liberal leaders in Washington over the people of Louisiana.


Roger Villere, Chairman
Republican Party of Louisiana

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