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June 4, 2010

Dear Friend,

Pelicans lying dead on a beach. Pools of red muck floating in America’s wetlands. A massive oil slick covering more and more of the Gulf of Mexico every day.

These are the images that have come to define the largest man-made disaster in America’s history.

Forty five days after an explosion that killed 11 people, BP has still not capped the leak gushing crude oil into the waters Louisiana families depend on for their lives and livelihoods. And BP has lied to us each step of the way about the scope of this disaster and what they are doing to fix it.

A few days ago, BP’s CEO Tony Hayward complained that he wanted his life back. He may have apologized for his insensitive comments, but I still think he needs to go — and more than 3,000 people have signed my petition to send Tony Hayward a pink slip.

This is a tragedy that in some ways cannot be expressed in words. This disaster is overwhelming, and the emotions it provokes are raw. We’ve put together this short video that I think helps capture how we feel about BP and how passionately we want to protect America’s wetlands.

Please click here to watch our new video:

Thank you so much for your support during this trying time.


Charlie Melancon

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