Governor Jindal Signs Bills into Law

June 3, 2010

BATON ROUGE – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced that he has signed the following bills passed by the Legislature into law, bringing the total to 97 bills signed into law to date:


HB 13 – Rep. Hoffmann
This bill relates to the installation of speed bumps by municipal and parish governing authorities.

HB 63 – Rep. Geymann
This bill relates to the transfer of certain property in Calcasieu Parish.

HB 70 – Rep. Geymann
This bill creates the Wards 4 and 6 Economic Development Board of Beauregard Parish and provides for the appointment, powers and duties of the board.

HB 81 – Rep. S. Jones
This bill adds membership to the Lake Fausse Point and Grant Avoille Cove Advisory Board and relates to jurisdiction over Lake Dautrieve.

HB 96 – Rep. Richard
This bill creates the “State Employee Retired” license plate.

HB 144 – Rep. Geymann
This bill relates to the Beauregard Parish Waterworks District Number Three.

HB 185 – Rep. Hutter
This bill requires that the Joint Highway Priority Construction Committee conduct public hearings in each highway district.

HB 313 – Rep. G. Smith
This bill relates to dog breeders.

HB 515 – Rep. Pearson
This bill relates to the organization, governance, administration and membership of the Funding Review Panel for certain retirement systems.

HB 517 – Rep. Robideaux
This bill clarifies provisions relating to employee contributions within the La. State Employees’ Retirement System (LASERS.)

HB 518 – Rep. Robideaux
This bill clarifies the definition of “accumulated contributions” to include all amounts paid by a member to LASERS.

HB 547 – Rep. Arnold
This bill relates to federally insured depository institutions and consumer credit transactions.

HB 646 – Rep. Brossett
This bill adds a member of the La. Engineering Society to the nominating committee for the board of commissioners for the Southeast La. Flood Protection Authority.

HB 670 – Rep. Henry
This bill relates to local ethics entities in certain parishes.

HB 746 – Rep. Robideaux
This bill clarifies the method for calculating benefits depending upon whether or not the retiree was in service at the time of his/her retirement within LASERS.

HB 874 – Rep. Harrison
This bill relates to the issuance of licenses and stamps for hunting wild turkey and duck.

HB 1126 – Rep. Pope
This bill relates to the Clerks’ of Court Retirement and Relief Fund.

HB 1142 – Rep. Robideaux
This bill relates to the La. State Employees’ Retirement System (LASERS) and brings existing plan provisions into conformity and compliance with provisions of the U. S. Internal Revenue Code.

HB 1169 – Rep. White
This bill relates to toxic air pollution emissions.

HB 1204 – Rep. Edwards
This bill creates the “Support for our Veterans” prestige license plate.


SB 3 – Sen. Martiny
This bill clarifies current statutory language relative to the dismissal of a suit for failure to request service.

SB 46 – Sen. Appel
This bill extends the time period for applying for a new trial in parish and city courts.

SB 52 – Sen. B. Gautreaux
This bill relates to changes in the qualifications needed to serve on the parole board.

SB 61 – Sen. Amedee
This bill relates to digital affidavits/warrants and subpoenas.

SB 77 – Sen. McPherson
This bill requires the chairmen of the Senate and House Committees on transportation, highways and public works to serve as chairman on the board of the Louisiana Transportation Authority on a two-year rotating basis.

SB 98 – Sen. Martiny
This bill clarifies the license procedure for ownership of certain pawn shops.

SB 151 – Sen. Amedee
This bill enhances the penalties for criminal and terrorist acts where the use of an Internet, virtual, street-level map is used for the commission of the crime or terrorist act.

SB 168 – Sen. Walsworth
This bill relates to the extension of time for the construction of cemetery facilities due to a major disaster.

SB 196 – Sen. Mount
This bill expands the definition of a child placing agency to include transitional youth programs and mandates the Department of Social Services uphold the standards of a licensed child-placing agency.

SB 198 – Sen. Duplessis
This bill relates to electronic lien and title services, in connection with a motor vehicle credit transaction.

SB 214 – Sen. Mount & Rep. Katz
This bill allows for the administration of nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia by dental hygienists who obtain a personal permit to perform such procedures.

SB 291 – Sen. Donahue
This bill requires a nonresident commercial, residential, or home improvement contractor to include its tax identification number on permit applications along with proof that the contractor is registered to do business in the state.

SB 303 – Sen. Long
This bill relates to the powers of the Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

SB 374 – Sen. Morrell
This bill requires that time served by a habitual offender be served at hard labor.

SB 386 – Sen. Claitor
This bill relates to special fees chargeable by the secretary of state.

SB 404 – Sen. Donahue
This bill relates to the establishment of regional governmental service centers for the delivery of state services under a “mall concept.”

SB 412 – Sen. Donahue
This bill creates the State Buildings and Lands Highest and Best Use Advisory Group.

SB 415 – Sen. Michot
This bill allows that developing or manufacturing computer software products, or developing or supplying services, while knowingly using stolen computer software, is a deceptive or unfair trade practice or act.

SB 451 – Sen. Cheek
This bill allows for the permitting of a fusion technologist by the Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners.

SB 467 – Sen. Long
This bill allows the Department of Social Services to work with the Council on Social Work Education accredited programs of social work to determine core competencies for job training requirements for child-protection and foster-care workers.

SB 484 – Sen. Duplessis
This bill clarifies when a state bank may pay a dividend or repurchase or redeem its capital stock.

SB 514 – Sen. Murray
This bill relates to the Patient’s Compensation Fund and its administration by the Patient’s Compensation Fund Oversight Board.

SB 540 – Sen. Walsworth
This bill relates to the removal of the dedication of cemetery property.

SB 545 – Sen. Erdey
This bill relates to the domicile required for certain members of the Clinical Laboratory Personnel Committee.

SB 616 – Sen. McPherson
This bill relates to speed limits on highways.

SB 617 – Sen. McPherson
This bill prohibits impounding motor vehicles of Louisiana residents in certain situations.

SB 664 – Sen. Hebert
This bill requires medical necessity review organizations to notify the Commissioner of Insurance upon changes in fact or circumstance affecting its qualification for a license.

SB 666 – Sen. Hebert
This bill relates to the filing of articles of incorporation of health maintenance organizations in the Office of the Secretary of State.

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