May 31, 2010

While President O’Bama was on the beach of Grand Isle, Louisiana, the oil was washing ashore at the Mouth of the Mississippi River.

During the Presidents trip to Grand Isle, where the beaches had been cleaned for his visit and groups of supposed clean-up crews were bussed in to make it look like everything was being done to clean up oil on Louisiana’s coast, the oil was working it’s way ashore along the marshes of Lower Plaquemines Parish.

Why didn’t his “Handlers” take the President to the Marshes of Lower Plaquemines Parish by boat and let him put his hands into the pools of oil that have inundated our marshes.

The Top Kill process didn’t work; “I never figured out how it was going to work in the first place” and now the well is back dumping black ooze into our waters. Observers report that at 4:30pm Saturday afternoon as BP representatives were reporting that their Top Kill procedure didn’t work, oil was working it’s way ashore East of Pass-A-Loutre.

Not a mile away, clean-up crews at a houseboat on Pass-A-Loutre lounged in comfort. Does no one realize this is a war? You don’t knock off for the evening during a war. There were no skimmers, no trawl boats dragging absorbent booms; nothing was being done to corral the oil.

This Saturday we also got reports that Plaquemines Parish President, Billy Nungesser, got his hand slapped by O’Bama for his harsh comments about the slow-response to the save our coast campaign . The President should be siding with Mr. Nungesser since the general concensus is that the Public, local Parish and State Officials are 100% behind the program to save what is left of our Coast and prevent oil from getting into our wetlands.

The President should be using the people with local knowledge to work with the clean-up crews; instead they let people that don’t know their a–— from a hole in the ground to lead the war against the oil spill.

National leaders and the President should realize this is a war and should be conducted as such.

Mr President, if your “Handlers” let you read this (which I doubt they will) please compare this war with the D-Day invasion. The allies had the best commanders in our arsenal up front leading our troops. They had the ability to make decisions and act upon them immediately instead of having to wait for approval as the war progressed . They made the decisions and led our troops to victory. The German Commanders could not send in reserves, move their tanks, or redirect the forces unless the Furor gave them his approval. Because of this grave mistake, the Germans lost the ability to fight the war the way it needed to be fought “Thank God”.

This is a war. Fight it like one. Provide the Local leaders with the arsenal of equipment, men, and supplies, but don’t let BP or their contractors muddle along while oil destroys our wetlands.

Venice Marine & Outdoor Consultants

On Behalf of the Recreational and Commercial Fishermen of South Louisiana

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One Response to Fishermen: “THE LOUISIANA OIL SPILL – IT’S A WAR”

  1. Joe Nathan
    May 31, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    The problem is politics! No one wants to take responsibility because they know that once you commit you are held accountable to see this clean-up until its entirety.. It's so sad.

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