Fleming Introduces the STOP the FEDS Act

May 28, 2010

Legislation Repeals Mandated ObamaCare Exchanges

Washington, May 27 – Today, Representative John Fleming, M.D. introduced H.R. 5425, the “Stop the Federal Exchanges from Destroying our States Act,” legislation that would allow states to say no to ObamaCare exchanges. Specifically, H.R. 5425 will provide states the option to OPT-OUT of establishing an exchange, upon the action of its legislature either before or after an exchange is established in the state.

“Over the past year and a half, the American people have seen the biggest power-grab in the history of this great country, all at the expense of individual states,” said Fleming. “States like Louisiana are sick and tired of being saddled with the financial burden of federally mandated programs they can ill-afford.”

“My legislation gives states the opportunity to say NO to allowing further government intrusion into an industry that has been state-regulated since its inception,” continued Fleming. “With nearly 63 percent of the American public opposing ObamaCare, its time that Congress listens to the American people and repeals this disastrous legislation.”

The text of H.R. 5425 can be viewed here.

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