Governor Jindal Signs Bills into Law

May 28, 2010

BATON ROUGE – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced that he has signed the following bills passed by the Legislature into law, bringing the total to 48 bills signed into law to date:


HB 764 – Rep. Pope
This bill removes the requirement that contractors erect certain signs that include the name of the contractor awarded the project and other information for road projects.

HB 891 – Rep. Lambert
This bill provides for the organization of the Department of Environmental Quality. It eliminates the Office of Environmental Assessment and transfers the functions of assessment, laboratory services and remediation services to the Secretary. The bill also provides the Secretary of DEQ the discretion to assign each of these functions to the Office of Environmental Compliance or the Office of Environmental Services.

HB 48 – Rep. Anders
This bill relates to the assessment of grain.

HB 115 – Rep. Arnold
This bill increases the threshold amount of small bank deposits that may be legally transferred by financial institutions to the surviving spouse or heirs.

HB 127 – Rep. Kleckley
This bill authorizes transfer of certain property to the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury.

HB 148 – Rep. Abramson
This bill relates to the Upper Hurtsville Security District in Orleans Parish.

HB 172 – Rep. Henry
This bill prohibits use of certain types of sights for hunting.

HB 182 – Reps. Gisclair & Baldone
This bill relates to passage on the Tomey J. Doucet Bridge for emergency vehicles.

HB 198 – Rep. Thibaut
This bill creates a special prestige license plate for active duty military.

HB 209 – Rep. Arnold
This bill changes the method of payment to the Office of Financial Institutions for certain fees.

HB 242 – Rep. Anders
This bill authorizes the Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry to issue temporary arborist licenses.

HB 295 – Rep. Hutter
This bill authorizes the board of commissioners of the St. Bernard Port, Harbor and Terminal District to name the administration/security complex building of the port.

HB 335 – Rep. Arnold
This bill changes the licensing requirements on the application and continuing education of mortgage loan originators.

HB 373 – Rep. Hutter
This bill re-creates the Dept. of Transportation and Development.

HB 411 – Rep. Barrow
This bill corrects a statutory reference in provisions of the Lawrason Act.

HB 412 – Rep. Barrow
This bill repeals provisions for certain forms of municipal government.

HB 430 – Rep. Pugh
This bill requires a stamp or label identifying farm of origin of strawberries.

HB 528 – Rep. Hoffmann
This bill relates to “Choose Life” prestige license plates.

HB 638 – Rep. Hazel
This bill changes the qualifications and fees for the Fraternal Order of Police license plate.

HB 704 – Rep. St. Germain
This bill authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Iberville Parish.

HB 877 – Rep. St. Germain
This bill authorizes the closure or restricted use of waterways during times of emergency.

HB 880 – Rep. White
This bill establishes a state criminal penalty for violation of a federally established safety or security zone on waterways.

HB 893 – Rep. Champagne
This bill relates to the authority to issue “notifications of inclusion” for certain permits relative to DEQ.

HB 967 – Rep. Guinn
This bill relates to state park recognition of certain discount cards issued by certain federal agencies.

HB 1002 – Rep. Barrow
This bill relates to municipalities governed by special legislative charters.

HB 1088 – Rep. Ponti & Sens. Riser & Walsworth
This bill relates to mediations in workers compensation claims.


SB 15 – Sen. Appel
This bill provides for change in prestige license plate from “HAM Operator” to “Amateur Radio.”

SB 39 – Sens. McPherson & St. Germain
This bill changes the requirement for holding public hearings on the highway priority program from the DOTD to the Joint Highway Priority Construction Committee.

SB 50 – Sen. Thompson
This bill re-creates the Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

SB 143 – Sen. Long
This bill designates LA Hwy. 118 from Florien to Kisatchie the “Louisiana Maneuvers Highway.”

SB 145 – Sen. Thompson
This bill relates to the definition of catfish.

SB 146 – Sen. Thompson
This bill authorizes the Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry to establish regulations regarding exotic cervidae.

SB 169 – Sen. Walsworth
This bill provides that the principal of merchandise trust funds are exempt from seizure

SB 223 – Sen. Mount
This bill designates a section of Highway 171 beginning at the intersection of Sam Houston Jones Parkway and ending at the intersection of You Winn Road as the “Senior Trooper Duane Dalton Memorial Highway.”

SB 251 – Sen. Dorsey
This bill creates a special prestige license plate for the American Cancer Society, Mid-South Division’s “Relay for Life.”

SB 270 – Sen. Walsworth
This bill provides for annual royalty fee for prestige license plates for high schools.

SB 273 – Sen. Walsworth and Reps. Hoffmann & Katz
This bill designates a portion of Interstate 20 in Ouachita Parish in honor of certain servicemen who lost their lives in the Iraq war.

SB 689 – Sen. Martiny
This bill amends the definition of “practice of law.”

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